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On this page you will find a list of our surplus electronic components which we have in stock. With the search function you can search by description or fabrication number.

If you are interested in our surplus components or have any question you can send a mail to If you can’t find the component(s) you are looking for or if you wish to receive a digital overview you can mail to

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Artikelcode Omschrijving Manufacturer Manufacturercode Extra info Voorraad
41-32127 12mm Black Electrical Isolation Tape 3M 3M 22 TAPE 12MM X 33MTR 1825469 32
41-32132 QUBC mechanical treatment for TM Testcable VENNE Electronics TM Testcable TM Testcable 25
41-32505 wire 4x1.5qmm BFOU 4G1,5 MM2 P5/P12 Cable Cable Partners BFOU 4G1,5 MM2 P5/P12 DIVE392200 12
41-32551 PCB UTCDD 55-1028-B01 P(9x4) Venne Electronics 55-1028-B01 55-1028-B01 36
41-32645 screw M3x5 cheese head ch (41-03111) Fabory Centre 24.660.030.005 24.660.030.005 24
41-32678 200E0 res 1% 1W SMD2512 PAN (41-36067) Panasonic ERJU1TF2000U 2380980RL 100
41-33221 Edge protection strip - Transparant 1M JIP Jippie's 8,71658E+12 41-33221 2
41-33786 5/8" Tin Copper Tube Sleeve MBN0.63SV50 TEC Techflex MBN0.63SV50 1030-1172-ND 6
41-33935 PCB MFXOS Single Output Board P(1x4) Venne Electronics MFXOS Controller V0.3 MFXOS CONTROLLER V0.3( peel of 8
41-34017 PCB Philips BLE Beacon PLSBB-3100-01 P(2x10) Venne Electronics PLSBB-3100-01 PLSBB-3100-01 15
41-34229 #VCL2083601 cable orbit stir drive gnd L1004-1 .08.360 R01 Applikon L1004-1 .08.360 L1004-1 .08.360 1
41-34535 SN74LVC2G04DCK smd Inverter Gate, LVC TI Texas Instruments SN74LVC2G04DCK(R) 1470882RL 150
41-34622 PCB TOPUT UTD Frontend (P1x1) Topic UTD Frontend pcb fronted V1R0 30 4
41-34623 PCB TOPUT UTD Power supply IO (P1x1) Topic UTD Power supply IO PCB UTD POWER IO / ASIA 4
41-34812 Micro USB cable 1.8m nylon red ANKER ANKER PowerLine+ Micro USB micro USB 1
41-35122 PCB APM10-3002-0.5 sensor board Ez-control V2 P(?x?) VENNE Electronics APM10-3002-0.5 APM10-3002-0.5 19
41-35268 # M1004-1A.43.120 Top plate torsion spring VCM2431201 r02 ATV M1004-1A.43.120 M1004-1A.43.120 20
41-35442 PCB MANMA Manus_VR_rev.D_v6 Manus Manus_VR_rev.D_v6 Manus_VR_rev.D_v6 49
41-35616 8MHz crystal HC49 LFXTAL011301 smd RAK / IQD Rakon / IQD LFXTAL011301 449-LFXTAL011301REEL 20
41-35699 PCB MMMB MOX3H0-421-AA P(2x1) Maastricht Instruments MOX3H0-421-AA-01 MOX3H0-421-AA 90
41-36490 BAV99T smd dual in diode FCH Fairchild BAV99T 512-BAV99T 3.000